How To Choose Hockey Skate Laces

Although laces might not seem to be the most important of hockey equipment, knowing how to choose hockey skate laces can ensure that your skates are comfortable and hold up well under frequent use. Some experimentation might be in order if you have never purchased hockey skate laces before. The best laces for your personal comfort might not be the same as those other team members prefer. Be sure your skates aren't too loose or too tight, and be sure there is enough give so that your ankles and feet are comfortable. If you know how to choose hockey skate laces, your skates will be more comfortable, and your hockey playing experience much more fun.

When choosing hockey skate laces you should know:

  • What length laces you need
  • What type of laces you prefer
  • If a specific color is necessary
  1. Choose the lace brand. Many brands of hockey skate laces are interchangeable, but some are stronger or have special features such as tips that won't split or fall off. If you're unsure about what lace brand will work best for you, ask at a sporting goods store or get a recommendation from your teammates or coach.
  2. Choose the type of lace. Hockey laces can be round or flat, and are either waxed or unwaxed. Which kind you choose is largely based on personal preference. Some feel waxed laces are better as they resist water and less likely to stretch and slip, while others prefer unwaxed because they do stretch and create more give for the ankle. Round laces are also less likely to slip, creating a similar choice to evaluate.
  3. Pick an appropriate color. In most cases, color won't matter. In some cases, though, your coach or team might require specific colors. Be sure to ask before making your final purchase.
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