How To Choose A Home Stereo CD Player

If you want to know how to choose a home stereo CD player, you need to ask yourself a few questions before the purchase. You need to know how powerful you want your home stereo CD player to be. You also need to know how you're going to set up your stereo. More specifically, you need to know where and how you're going to lay out your speakers. Are you thinking of something simple or do you want a home stereo CD player system that can rival professional DJ equipment? Once you figure all of this out, you can go shopping for the home stereo CD player that fits your specific musical needs.

  1. The power. Specifically the wattage. When you look at buying home stereo CD players, this should be on the top of your checklist. The higher the wattage, the more power that can be pumped through your speakers. Have you ever hooked up a handheld CD player to some stand-alone speakers? Notice how the speakers can only do so much? This is because the handheld model doesn't pump out as much power. The more powerful the wattage output, the more potential you have for a louder, deeper, more complex sound to emanate from your speakers. So, look at the wattage. You want something higher in the wattage department.
  2. The speakers. Because you're going to choose a home stereo CD player with a good amount of wattage, don't skimp on the speakers. If you get a cheap set of speakers, they won't be able to handle the power the stereo and they'll blow out quickly. You want to get some well-made speakers that can handle heavy bass and sharp treble sounds. All brand name companies have higher end speakers you can choose from. It's just a matter of personal preference. Here's a hint though: the better the speaker, the more elements of a song your ear will be able to recognize. The cheaper speakers can only pick up on very low sounds and very high pitched ones. The other elements of a song are missed with cheap speakers.
  3. The sub. You want the floors in your home to rattle when you turn this baby on. The better subs are the ones you can directly manipulate. They'll have the ability to allow you to control the sub's output.
  4. The set up. This is another part of your home stereo CD player selection that's a matter of personal preference. If you want a basic two-speaker set up, not only is the set-up super easy, it's super boring. You'd be better off getting a home stereo CD player that can take multiple speakers. That way you can position the speakers around your living room or wherever you choose. All you'll need is some speaker wire. The best sounds come from speakers that have support behind them, so mounting the speaker against a wall or in corners actually helps project the speaker's sound waves better.
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