How To Choose Home Stereo Subwoofers

Looking for help learning how to choose home stereo subwoofers? When you are looking to purchase subwoofers for a home stereo, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind, such as size, power and placement. Of course, your budget will help dictate what subwoofers you are able to purchase, as well.

  1. Decide on the placement. When choosing home stereo subwoofers, the first thing that you need to decide is where you will place the subwoofer. If you are going to be placing the subwoofer in a media cabinet, the available space in the cabinet will dictate how large of a subwoofer you can purchase. It does not matter a great deal in which direction the subwoofer is placed because most subwoofers are omni-directional.
  2. Determine the size. Once you know where you will be placing your home stereo's subwoofer, you are ready to decide what size subwoofer is right for you. When you are choosing a subwoofer, you need to pay attention to the size of the woofer cone. If you are placing your subwoofer in a large room, the size of the woofer cone should be ten inches or twelve inches. Generally speaking, as the size of the subwoofer driver increases, so does the deepness of the bass.
  3. Check out the power. Of course, when you are choosing home stereo subwoofers, power is one of the most important aspects. You should never purchase a subwoofer that is not powered. A powered subwoofer has its own amplifier, which means you won't have to purchase a separate amplifier or draw power away from your receiver. The power of a subwoofer is measured in watts. The more watts a subwoofer has, the more powerful the home stereo subwoofer is.

Always do your research when you are purchasing home stereo subwoofers. If you are buying subwoofers for a home stereo from a large electronics retailer, be sure to read customer reviews on the company's website.



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