How To Choose A Kayak Vest

You never know what might happen while you are out kayaking, that is why it is best to learn how to choose a kayak vest that suits you. Kayak vests come in handy in extreme situations. It is best to shell out the money for a quality vest instead of saving money. Choosing a quality kayak vest that will save your life will probably save you more money than choosing one of poor quality, because it is cheaper. Here are a few steps to help you choose a kayak vest that is perfect for you.

To choose a kayak vest, you will need:
  • An assortment of kayak vests to choose from


  1. Deciding on the type of kayak vest. There are different types of kayak vests that you can choose from. There are some that designed for kayaking closer to shore, and others that are designed for further off shore. Base your decision on the type of kayaking that you are expecting to do. If you have the option of choosing an offshore vest, then choose that one.
  2. The vests floatation device. Even though many people can swim floatation devices come in handy. Everyone needs a certain amount of floatation to keep their head above water, as well as from drowning. The standard kayak vests usually come with more than enough to do this. Double check to make sure that there is at least seven to twelve pounds worth of floatation in an adult kayak vest, and at least eleven pounds for children.
  3. Pick the right size. Children’s items are usually cheaper, but that does not mean you should buy them to save money. The kayak vest will in most cases not work correctly if you buy the right size. Different vests are designed to support different age groups. Therefore, if you are an adult purchase an adult kayak vest.
Safety is the number one priority, so once you have that taken care of you can think about design. Choosing a kayak vest should be one of the easiest parts of kayaking. Just follow these steps to choose a kayak vest, and you will be fine.
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