How To Choose A Longboard

If you want to have a good time skating with friends or bombing hills by yourself, you need to know how to choose a longboard. There are several factors in learning how to choose a longboard, depending on what your preferences are. Before you start learning how to choose a longboard, you will need to gather the following items.

  • Shirt
  • Shoes
  • Money

If you don't have all those items, you probably won't get any service at a skate shop. Once you have all of these items it is time to learn how to choose a longboard. 

  1. Choose a board shape. The first step in learning how to choose a longboard is deciding what shape you want your longboard to be. Longboards come in a variety of different shapes, and this is more for aesthetic preference than function. Just remember to choose a shape that will allow you to actually balance on the long board. The most common shape for a longboard is similar to a surfboard.
  2. Choose board size. The next step in learning how to choose a longboard is choosing what size you want. Larger longboards will be easier to balance on, but oftentimes smaller boards look better. If you plan on going for speed, a larger board is preferable since it will be easier to balance and the added weight will increase your speed. Smaller boards have the benefit of being more maneuverable, which is important if you plan on making many sharp turns.
  3. Choose trucks. Choosing trucks for a longboard is fairly easy as you don't need to worry about them being too heavy. After all, it is not very likely that you will be trying to do flip tricks with your longboard. You can decide how loose you want them when you attach them to the board. Looser trucks make it easier to turn, but harder to balance.
  4. Choose wheels. Large wheels are preferable for a longboard. Large wheels allow you to go faster, and make obstacles such as sidewalk cracks and small rocks things you can ignore. Choosing which large wheels you want is a matter of preference. See what looks good with the board and feels right. Don't forget to get yourself some fast bearings as well. Now you know all there is about how to choose a longboard. 
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