How To Choose A Mens Watch Case

Knowing how to choose a men's watch case is as important as choosing the watch itself. The watch case is the home away from your wrist. Why spend a bundle on a great watch and cram it into a subpar watch case?

  1. Measure your watch. Most men's watches come with the measurements included when they are purchased. If you did not receive the measurements, measure the watch. Using a ruler, measure the watch from stem to stem. It is important to use the millimeter side of the ruler. Also measure the diameter of the face of the watch.
  2. Determine the purpose of the watch case. Even though the ultimate purpose of buying a men's watch case is to store the watch, there are other factors to consider. If you plan to display the watch in the case, a wooden watch case will not work. If you merely want to protect the watch, any good watch case will do.
  3. Check the internet for men's watch cases.  There are many websites that offer men's watch cases at reasonable prices. Before purchasing from any site, it is a good idea to review customer's comments and ratings. Also review the return policy for the site. 
  4. Visit your local jeweler. Many jewelers sell men's watch cases in their stores. It is a good idea to take your watch with you. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to ensure your watch will fit properly in the watch case.

Choosing a men's watch case is not particularly difficult. The most important thing to do is to pick a case that is appealing to you that is within your budget.



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