How To Choose A Merkin Pubic Wig

Want to know how to choose a merkin pubic wig? A merkin pubic wig is used primarily in entertainment by performers who are modest about doing a full frontal nude scene. They are often used by strippers as well. They are used to enhance a stage performance or fill out the private area on a shaven women.  These pubic wigs add sexual sensation and are sometimes used by people who have a sexual fetish, like to cross dress or individuals that enjoy voyeurism or exhibitionism. These body pieces were first designed to eliminate the risk of lice as far back as the 1400s. They were also used discretely to cover up venereal diseases especially in prostitutes.

  1. Decide on the style you want for your merkin. They can enhance a dramatic scene and thus create a mood.
  2. Choose a retailer that carries merkin hairpieces. These pieces of body furniture can be custom made to fit your personal style, purchased by an online retailer. Some wig shops also carry merkins.
  3. Talk to people who sell pubic wigs. These individuals will have knowledge on how to pick the right pubic toupee' for you.
  4. Decide the price range that you are willing to pay for your merkin pubic wig. Compare the cost of various online retailers and pick the one that closely matches your price range.
  5. Gather accessories to attach your wig. These can be sown on a light colored g-string or glued with a body adhesive.

Choose a merkin pubic wig by researching various styles and getting an idea of the price range of these items. Talk to knowledgeable people who sell these items since they can give you advice on how to choose your hairpiece. Above all else, decide what you will be using your pubic wig for and what type will be best for that purpose.

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