How To Choose The Right Track Running Shoes

Knowing how to choose the right track running shoes can make a difference in your performance on the track. If you are a sprinter, you want track shoes with spikes to help you grip the track during each stride. If you are a distance runner, you have the option of using shoes with spikes or more conventional running shoes that have rubber soles. Once you know the type of shoe you want, check with different stores to try and find the right track running shoes for the best price.

  1. Go to a running store to choose the right track running shoes. Ask one of the store’s clerks to measure your foot. Try on a variety of different shoes that are designed for the distance you want to run. Ask the clerk if any specific brands are on sale, and see if the shoes are comfortable to wear on the track.
  2. Make sure the right track running shoes support your feet. For example, if you have a high arch, you may need different track shoes than the ones you like the most. The store should carry running shoes that fit your feet properly, but if they do not, you can ask the clerk if they can place a special order for the right track running shoes.  
  3. If you are buying track shoes with spikes, check the size of the spikes. Spikes that are too long will stick in the rubberized surface of the track more than smaller spikes, which can slow down your time. If the spikes are longer than what you need, ask the store clerk if the shoes come with a smaller spike size.
  4. If you are buying track shoes with rubber soles, look at the treads. To choose the right track running shoes for distance running, you want a sole that has the right kind of tread. Try the track shoes on, and see if the treads meet your requirements. Make sure the shoes cushion your foot properly, and then finalize your purchase once you are satisfied with the fit.
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