How To Choose A Road Racing Bicycle

Do you want to know how to choose a road racing bicycle? Choosing the correct road racing bicycle for you will depend on a few things. Do you plan on actually racing this bike competitively? Or do you want a road racing bike for the speed? There are different levels of road racing bikes and the prices go up with the levels.

What You Will Need:

  • A budget
  • A plan
  • Internet access
  • Credit card
  • Transportation
  • A bike rack
  1. You must decide what you plan on using a road racing bicycle for before you choose a road racing bicycle for you. Are you planning to race the road racing bicycle in races? Are you buying a road racing bicycle for your own personal use? These questions are important because you will spend considerably more for a road racing bicycle you plan on using in competitions. You will also have to have more than one road racing bicycle.
  2. You must decide on a budget for your road racing bicycle. Make a search online for road racing bicycles. See how much the road racing bicycles cost and set a budget accordingly. Keep to your budget.
  3. There are four types of metals used in road racing bicycles. The most common is aluminum. Aluminum is a good material, but you can have a bumpy road. Steel is a metal that was used in road racing bicycles for many years. It gives a smoother ride than aluminum. However, steel is slightly heavier and is prone to rust. Carbon fiber is the best of both steel and aluminum. It is lightweight and will allow your road racing bicycle to ride smoothly on the roads. It is more expensive than steel and aluminum. Lastly, titanium is used in road racing bicycles. Titanium gives a smooth ride and does not rust. However, titanium is very expensive. These are the metals you will be able to choose for your road racing bicycle. Remember, the most common road racing bicycles are aluminum.
  4. You will want a road racing bicycle that handles well, especially if you use it for racing in competitions. Make sure you choose a road racing bicycle that handles well before you buy it. Take a test drive and compare.
  5. The components on road racing bicycles are also important. Components include brakes, cranks (attached to the pedals), wheels, etc. The components tell you how well the road racing bicycle is designed. The highest priced road racing bicycles have the best components made by the best manufacturers. If you are racing your road racing bicycle, you want to buy the best quality bicycle with the best quality components.
  6. If you are a normal road racing bicycle enthusiast, you should buy a bicycle in the middle of the pack. You should choose a bicycle that is designed for racing, but also meets your budget. You can buy an excellent road racing bicycle for under four hundred dollars. A hundred dollars more for a smoother ride. If you plan on racing in competitions, expect to pay closer to two thousand dollars or more for your road racing bicycle.
  7. You know what a road racing bicycle is and does. You know how a road racing bicycle is designed. You know the price differences. Now go online (or to a bike shop) and choose the road racing bicycle that is best for your lifestyle and budget.
  8. Take a spin on the different road racing bicycles and feel the differences. It may be worth it for you to spend an extra hundred dollars for that smoother ride. Is comfort in your budget?
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