How To Choose Running Shoes With High Arch Support

Before buying new running shoes, it can be helpful to learn how to choose running shoes with high arch support. The runner with high arches does not have an over-pronation issue, and the foot has difficult absorbing shock from running and contact with the ground. Of all arch types, the high arch is among the least common.

  1. First, determine that the runner's feet do have high arches. To do this, lay a piece of paper on the floor, such as a paper bag. With bare feet, wet the bottoms of the feet by either dipping into water or wiping with a wet cloth. Step on the paper, standing up properly, then remove the foot from the paper. The runner with high arches will notice that his feet leave footprint marks only at the heel and ball of the foot, with the middle of the foot barely touching the paper.
  2. Try on running shoes that have flexibly soles with a neutral cushion to support high arches. At a shoe or sports store, the clerks can suggest shows with high arch support. Hold the shoe in both hands to test the sole's flexibility. A light-weight shoe is also often preferred by high arched runners.
  3. When trying to shoes on, put both shoes on with socks to simulate the fit for running. Walk around in each pair of shoes for a few minutes, then try running lightly in the store. This will help give an idea of how the shoe will feel, fit, and support the feet while running or wearing regularly.
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