How To Choose A Set Of Blade Irons

Every golfer wants to improve his game, and can do so through the clubs he uses, so finding out how to choose a set of blade irons is essential for any golfer. Every golfer uses his blade irons for the bulk of the game. After the wood to start the game, the blade irons come into play to get the ball to the green so the putter can tap it in. The type of blade iron a golfer uses can improve the direction and distance the ball flies across the green, so having the best one for the individual golfer and his game improves the swing. Understanding the type of game you play, the type of courses you prefer and the type of swing you have can help you determine which blade iron is best for you. Look at these aspects, then look at these tips and enjoy shopping for your next set of blade irons. Then, of course, get on the green and enjoy the game.

  1. Looking at the irons by their distance or loft can help you decide which is best. You will see numbers on blade irons ranging from one to nine on the clubs. The distance, or loft, gives the downward or horizontal tilt to the golf irons. A one to two is not seen very often these days on clubs because of hybrid clubs, but would be considered a very high range. Other high range clubs would be three to four till you reach a five to seven, which is considered a mid range. For a short iron, those are labeled as an eight or nine on the clubs. These can be picked depending on how your swing and the cut of the blade against the ball are during a normal game for you.
  2. Examine the make of the blade irons. Irons can be made by forging or casting. Forging is an older art, which is where they are made by hand, not by mold, and forged clubs are more expensive and a favorite of seasoned golfers. Casting is where the irons are made by mold, and can provide more detail to the irons. Cast clubs are more affordable and therefore a great choice for a golfer of any level of any game. The right make of clubs, or blade irons, can improve a golfer and his swing.
  3. Shaft types are another way to decide which blade iron is right for you. The shaft is the long, tubular body of the golf club. These can be made out of steel, graphite or a combination of the two. Steel shafts are affordable, and more durable, making them easy to use by any golfer. Graphite shafts are lighter, but take a bit to getting used to, so they are better for a seasoned golfer. Shafts made out of a combination of both, or a hybrid, are the best of both worlds but may not offer the lightest or easiest usage, so there are pros and cons to each. The best way to figure out which is best is to figure out your level of golfing skill and which feels most comfortable for you to use in the swing for the game.
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