How To Choose Shoes For Basketball

Figuring out how to choose shoes for basketball is simple. You should choose a shoe for basketball because of its functionality more so than its form. There are many basketball shoes on the market today that just plain suck. They look cool, but as far as being the right shoe for a basketball game they're truly lacking.  The right shoes for basketball have three key components. You need great foot and ankle support. You want your shoe to be very lightweight. Last but not least, you're going to want a shoe that has decent durability. You don't want it to break down after a couple of games. The colors and styles you choose are secondary. If you're more caught up with what the shoe looks like, then you're not a true ball player. This is how to choose shoes for basketball.

  1. Foot and ankle support. This is easily the most important thing you need to think about when choosing a shoe for basketball. You want a shoe that's going to help minimize serious injuries to your feet and ankles. Stay away from low top sneakers. You're just asking to be carted away in a wheelchair. High top shoes are the only choice for decent foot and ankle support. The shoe should cover your entire ankle. When you tighten the shoe strings, your foot should feel totally secure. Also, make sure you have a little breathing room in the front of your shoe for your toes. If the shoe is too small you run the risk of jamming your toes. Usually getting a half size bigger solves that problem.
  2. Lightweight shoes for performance purposes. The shoe you choose should not feel like they're made of lead when you walk around in them. You want them to be as light as possible. Maybe its just a mental thing, but athletes feel that they're quicker in game time situations when the shoe feels a bit lighter. So, do yourself a favor and get a lightweight shoe. There are many shoes on the market today endorsed by big name NBA players. Some of those things are built like tanks. They're entirely to heavy for you to be playing in them. Once again, pick your shoes for basketball based on functionality not because of some outside influence.
  3. Durability counts. Lesser brand name shoes are usually made with less quality. It sucks but it's true. Thrift shoes give you thrift durability. You're better off looking at a lesser marketed shoe from a big name shoe company if you're trying to ball on a budget. Stay away from shoes that come from companies that never associated themselves with the sport of basketball too. What's the sense of buying a pair of basketball shoes that'll tear up within five days of purchase.
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