How To Choose Shoes To Play Tennis In

Need to know how to choose shoes to play tennis in? You should choose shoes that will give you the best performance to play tennis in. "Tennis shoe" is the generic name we've given to sports-type shoes—they're also called athletic shoes. The thing is, most people who wear tennis shoes don't play tennis in them. When you want to find shoes to play tennis, there are certain things you need to look for.

  1. Look at the tread. Tennis shoes, that is, shoes worn for playing tennis, need to have a nub-type tread that looks like a flat sole. This type of tread and sole offer tennis players good traction on the court.
  2. Notice the collar of the shoe. Tennis players need a padded collar. The collar of a shoe is the part of the shoe at the top around the ankle. A tongue in the back also offers cushioning.
  3. Choose leather. Tennis shoes should have leather uppers with holes for ventilation so they breathe. Leather lasts the longest and is the most durable of all tennis shoe materials.
  4. Pick toe guards. Shoes with a toe guard will protect the toes and help the tennis shoes last longer.
  5. Look at the sole. If the sole of the shoe curves upward, near the heel and the toe, this shoe will provide good shock absorption and be more durable. For good arch support, choose shoes that do not curve inward toward the arch.
  6. Ask a professional for help. Ask an experienced tennis player or instructor for their recommendation on what tennis shoe to buy or shoes to avoid for playing tennis.
  7. Try on the tennis shoes. Always try on the tennis shoes and make sure they fit correctly. If you will be wearing two pairs of socks or thick socks, be sure to wear the same when trying on shoes so the shoes will fit correctly.
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