How To Choose A Skydive Helmet

Are you wondering how to choose a skydive helmet? The helmet is one of the most important pieces of your skydiving protective equipment. When selecting a skydiving helmet, a number of factors and helmet options must be considered. These tips for choosing a skydive helmet will help you select the safest, most functional, skydiving helmet to suit your individual needs.

  1. Buy a skydive helmet in your budget. Skydive helmets range in price from around $100 to several hundred dollars depending on the helmet, accessories included, and where you make the purchase. If your budget is on the low side, you may consider buying a used helmet.
  2. Used equipment is often just as good as new. Buying used equipment can save a lot of money and there are a number of quality used helmets on the market. It is important, however, that any used skydiving equipment be examined by an expert prior to being used. You cannot enjoy money saved if a faulty helmet costs you your life.
  3. Find your personal helmet style. Skydiving helmets are offered as either full face, or open face. Some skydivers prefer open faced helmets while others are more comfortable in an open face helmet with goggles. It depends on your own tastes. Try each style before making a final purchase.
  4. Consider helmet accessories. What features would you like in your helmet? Helmets for skydiving are available in very basic styles as well as those fully equipped with cameras and audio capability. Remember too that if you have chosen an open face helmet, goggles are also necessary.   
  5. Seek skydive helmet reviews. Once you have chosen the style and desired functions of a skydiving helmet, it is time to research the available options. Check with skydiving friends, local equipment shops and online skydiving resources to obtain the pros and cons for the various helmets suiting your budget and tastes.
  6. Buy your chosen helmet from a reputable source. Remember that a skydiving helmet is intended to save your life if a dive goes badly. Make sure that the seller offering this important equipment is providing quality products.
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