How To Choose Street Bike Rims

There is no easy answer for how to choose street bike rims. Properly learning how to choose street bike rims will depend on your particular street bike model and color. There are many different things to take into consider when you want to learn how to choose street bike rims. Street bike rims can increase the appearance of your bike however some may also increase the weight. There are also street bike rims that weigh less than stock rims and offer better overall performance.

  1. Determine your needs. Decide if your reason for buying street bike rims is appearance or performance. Performance rims are lightweight and much stronger than stock rims although they may not always be the most appealing. Street bike rims designed for appearance do not take things such as weight into account, they focus on the overall design. Street bike rims designed for appearance often come powder-coated or painted and can make your street bike much more visually appealing.
  2. Determine price range. Determine the comfortable price range for your street bike rims. Choosing street bike rims can be difficult because of the sheer amount of options. Prices range from affordable to very expensive therefore it is best to determine a price range your comfortable with to narrow the choices.
  3. Choose street bike rims. Choose a set of street bike rims based on your needs and price range. Select a pair of rims which will meet your needs and will not break your budget. Keep an open mind and be willing to negotiate a little to meet your goals.


  • Power-coated street bike rims are typically more expensive than painted rims.
  • Light-weight rims are typically more expensive due to the materials used to create them.



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