How To Choose Thrift Store Clothes

Learning how to choose thrift store clothes is easy. Many thrift stores offer high quality clothing for very little money. Finding the right clothes is like a treasure hunt. Here are some tips for successful shopping.

  1. Take inventory of your closet before you go. Making a list of potential items that you need cuts down on unnecessary buying. Buying something because it’s cheap, though you will never wear it, makes no sense. A bargain is only a bargain if it’s useful.
  2. Allow plenty of time to shop at the thrift store. Finding the right clothes takes time. There are many gently used, designer clothes waiting for you. If you rush through the experience, you’ll surely miss these gems.
  3. Go through your list and look through those sections at the thrift store. If you listed that you need some jeans, a sports coat and a belt, then review these sections thoroughly. Many times, you can find some brand new items with the tags still on them. This keeps you focused on what you need and keeps you from buying unnecessary clothes.
  4. Review garments carefully. While most thrift stores try their best to discard damaged or soiled items, some do unfortunately make it to the sales floor. Examine all potential purchases carefully before buying. The last thing you need is a great shirt with a hole in it.

Choosing thrift store clothes should feel like a game. With the proper planning, you will find great inexpensive clothes to compliment your wardrobe while enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

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