How To Choose Wine

Many people struggle with how to choose wine. There are so many different varieties to choose from. Just exploring the types of wine, from red to white, can be intimidating. Not to mention all of the different countries that wine comes from and the characteristics of each country. Also, when learning how to choose wine, you will want to learn about how to pair wine with certain food, such as meat or seafoods. To choose wine, consider whether you like sweet flavors, bold flavors and whether you like the taste of wine in general.

  1. Go to wine tastings. These are offered at wineries, in general. However, you might be able to find wine tastings in your area that are held independent of the wineries. Attending them is a great opportunity to try different types of wine. But, at the wine tastings, you will only be tasting wine from one brand. Thus, you will need to attend several of them, at different wineries, and trying both red and white wine varieties.
  2. Evaluate whether or not you prefer very sweet flavors or very heady flavors. When you are choosing wine, narrowing down your general preferences will make things easier. White wine and dessert wines will likely appeal to you more if you prefer sweet flavors.
  3. Pair the wine with the food you will be eating. If you are wondering how to choose wine for a particular meal, there are some general guidelines. If your meal involves red meat, such as steak, choose a mellow cabernet wine to serve with it.


  • Be careful sampling wines if you take any sort of medication.