How To Choose Your Perfect Type Of Drum Head

Need to know how to choose your perfect type of drum head? The type of drum head you use affects the sound you are able to create as a drummer. There are different brands of drum heads, and this article will focus on Remo drum heads. There are many different drum heads to choose from, which doesn't mean one is perfect for all. As a drummer, you have to find the right sound that is your sound, not someone else's sound. Once you have found your sound, you will be able to choose the perfect drum head for you. Below are several different drum heads and the sound they produce. Review the list and test a few out to help you make the best decision possible.

  1. Remo Ambassador. These drum heads produce a clear, happy and golden sound with plenty of charge. These drum heads are medium weighted and are available in clear, white or coated finishes.
  2. Clear Ambassador. These drum heads are standard editions. They have a golden sound that all OEM tend to install on new or used drum kits. Some drummers are able to tune these drum heads to their liking, but they are low on the list of multiple sounds.
  3. Coated Ambassador. These are the standard drum heads used for studio and live productions. They are mainly preferred for snare drums since they have an open, happy, golden tone. They have a warmer charge attack than the Clear Ambassador. These types of drum heads have to be replaced more often than the tom tom drum heads. 
  4. White Ambassador. These drum heads have a clear, closed sound. They are smooth, white-colored drum heads.
  5. Remo Black Dot. These drum heads have a polyester black dot in the center of the drum head. This is for strength and to damper the sound. This drum head has an open, slightly charged sound to it.
  6. Remo Pin Stripe. These are very popular drum heads used for rock, pop and R&B. They are clear heads that are made out of two seven-mil Mylar plys. The sound is a deep, clear, pleasant quality sound.
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