How Chronic Pain Affects Relationships

Many people suffer with chronic pain. There are many health conditions that cause pain, and the pain can be very disruptive to your every day life. Living with chronic pain can be a challenge; not only dealing with it on a personal level,but helping those around you learn to deal with your pain too. 

  1. Pain can affect your personal relationships. It can have an affect on your marriage as well as your family as a whole. When chronic pain becomes a part of someone's life, they, many times, are unable to carry on with their normal activities. There is usually a change in roles in the relationship due to the onset of chronic pain. Many times employment becomes an issue when there is chronic pain. There may be financial stresses, as well as mental stresses that accompany the condition. Many times family members do not know how to be supportive of the family member who is dealing with the pain. They may find themselves angry or even resentful.
  2. Trying to continue to be empathetic, sympathetic and supportive over a period of time may become a challenge. You may find that you feel more sorry for yourself rather than your spouse because more burden is being put upon you. If your spouse had always been the bread-winner in the relationship and you are now finding yourself having to go to work to support the family, you may be angry. These are all natural reactions and feelings, but learning to deal with them and put these feelings into perspective is the key.
  3. There are counselors who deal with families under these circumstances, specifically. They are there to listen and counsel as needed. They can help you to construct a plan that will help you and your spouse regain positions in the relationship. They can help you to understand what the other one is facing and going through. They can better explain emotions and feelings that you may be having that may be hard for you to express.   
  4. Being patient with each other, whether you are the one who is living with the pain, or you are the family member who is dealing with a loved one in pain, is essential. It may not always come easy to be patient, but your counselor can teach you how to develop that kind of patience, along with other attributes that can help make the transition of life without pain, to life with pain, easier.



Chronic Pain

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