How to Chug a Beer

A popular challenge on college campuses nationwide, learning how to chug a beer has become a form of art accomplished through a variety of techniques. Chugging a beer should only be considered if you aren’t driving, and if you haven’t already overindulged in alcohol, as chugging a beer can lead to alcohol poisoning. After weighing all the factors, if you’ve determined that you can chug a beer without posing harm to yourself or others, grab your favorite brand of brew and get started.

To chug a beer, you will need:

  • beer
  • knife or something sharp
  • stopwatch
  • plastic cup

Shotgun Style

  1. Prepare the beer. Let a can of light beer sit out of the fridge for ten minutes. If the beer is too cold, you won’t be able to chug it easily. Too warm, though, and you’ll fill up on foam.
  2. Prepare your friend. For contest purposes, prepare a friend with a stopwatch or a timer on a cell phone. For beginners, ensure the party is outdoors, as shotgunning a beer can get messy if you haven’t perfected the technique.
  3. Slowly flip the can upside down at an angle. This will move the air bubble in the can to the bottom rather than at the lip.
  4. Poke a hole into the side of the can where the mouth opens using a knife.  Bring the hole to your open mouth, tilting your head backwards.  Keep your tongue back, as it could get cut on the aluminum shards you have cut into the can.
  5. Open the tab of the can using the hand that is not holding the can. You will have effectively created a vacuum that will force the beer out of the can and down your throat. Crush the can as this is happening to speed up the force at which the beer is expelled.
  6. Open your throat. To swallow beer at this force, you must be able to open your throat or swallow without closing your lips. If you can’t open your throat, don’t worry-that’s why you’re outside. Move the beer away from your mouth and aim it at the ground, or at friends who don’t mind getting a little messy.

If you cannot successfully open your throat, try chugging from a plastic cup.  Fill a plastic cup with a slightly-warm, light beer. Pour as much beer into your mouth as you can. Swallow quickly, opening your mouth back up to take in the next gulp. Your goal will be to take as few large gulps as possible to finish your beer.

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