How To Clean Acrylic Sinks

Knowing how to clean your acrylic sink will make sure that your acrylic sink is free of stains and scratches. Acrylic has become popular in the manufacture of sinks because it is resistant to the mold and mildew that can accumulate in things that are used in the bathroom and kitchen. Since acrylic sinks aren't porous, they're naturally stain resistant. When it comes to keeping the dirt and grime at bay, a sink doesn't get much tougher than a acrylic sink. But despite being tough on mildew and stains, acrylic sinks are among the more delicate materials that a sink can be made of. Acrylic sinks aren't able to withstand high temperatures, so a hot pan has the potential to melt your acrylic sink. Acrylic sinks are also prone to scratches if the wrong kinds of cleansers are used. No matter how sensitive your acrylic sink is, keeping it clean is easy. Everything you need to clean you're acrylic sink can be found in your house or purchased at any grocery store.

To clean your acrylic sink you will need:

  • Soft sponge or cloth
  • Water
  • Mild dish-washing soap
  • commercial cleanser (optional)
  • Bleach (optional)
  1. Wet a soft cloth or sponge with warm water. Using warm water to clean your acrylic sink will help soften any particles that may be stuck to the surface of the acrylic sink, making them easier to remove.
  2. Pour a small amount of mild soap on the sponge. Make sure you use a mild soap like dish-washing liquid or commercial cleanser made for acrylic. Stay away powdered cleansers when you're cleaning an acrylic sink. Powdered cleansers contain abrasives that can scratch the surface of your acrylic sink.
  3. Use the wet sponge with cleanser on it to wipe away any stains. If your acrylic sink is really hard to clean, try filling the sink with water and adding a cap full of bleach. Let the water and bleach sit for two to three minutes. The bleach will help break up the tough stains and make it easier for you to wipe them away.
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