How To Clean Adidas Boxing Equipment

Knowing how to clean adidas boxing equipment is a question among many boxing enthusiasts. While this article will be based around the Adidas brand, it is generally the same for all boxing equipment brands. Cleaning boxing equipment, such as boxing gloves, is a relatively simple process that requires things that you probably already have lying around the house!

What you will need:

  • Disinfect spray (Lysol, etc.)
  • A freezer (just go with it)
  • Febreeze (or other smell good spray)
  • A zip lock bag
  1. To clean the gloves or similar equipment, start by spraying the down with disinfectant spray. Make sure to get all around and inside the glove because you want to make sure that you kill everything, this is especially important if it is used equipment because used equipment could possibly carry bacteria that could harm you just by wearing the gloves!
  2. Now, spray the gloves down with the an odor eliminator. This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but it makes sure to kill the odor causing bacteria that may still be present in the gloves.
  3. Next, let the gloves air out for about a day. It is recommended that you unlace them and open them up so they can get properly aired out in all parts of the glove. Tip: Don’t put the gloves in the sun because the heat and moistness creates a breeding ground for new harmful bacteria.
  4. This step is only necessary if you feel your gloves still aren’t clean after the first two steps. Place the gloves in a resealable sandwich bag. This may sound like the beginning of an old wives tale and that’s because it is!
  5. Put the gloves that are now in the resealable sandwich bag into the freezer and let it stay there overnight. This is an odd thing to do but it really works! It is said that bacteria cannot thrive in places of extreme heat or cold, so leaving the gloves in the freezer over night literally freezes those nasty bacteria to death! 
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