How To Clean Aluminum Boat Docks

Looking for how to clean aluminum boat docks? You're in the right spot! Aluminum boat docks are, in a lot of ways, easier to maintain than wooden boat docks but both require care to keep them functional and safe. Aluminum boat docks can get particularly slippery when algae attaches, causing a myriad of accidents and falls for users, so learning to clean aluminum boat docks is paramount to safety.

To clean aluminum boat docks, you will need:

  • A non-caustic cleaner, such as baking soda. You will NOT want to add any harmful solutions to the surrounding water. If needed, a small amount of dish soap will cut grease but be very careful and use just a drop.
  • A pressure washer
  • A sponge with a rough surface
  • A large wire brush


  1. The best strategy for cleaning aluminum boat docks is to apply a strong stream of water with a pressure washer before doing anything else. If you're lucky, the pressure washer will knock off most of the algae or muck on the aluminum boat dock and you'll be spared from a lot of scrubbing. Use a wide spray to start off with and hold the pressure washer wand about twelve to sixteen inches above the boat dock.
  2. Brush over stubborn stains with the wire brush to dislodge any remaining critters, such as barnacles, or algae. If you're lucky enough to have someone assist you in cleaning the boat dock, have them brush while you continue to pressure wash the spot. Most of the stains should come off the dock.
  3. For oily spots which remain, add a small amount of baking soda to the rough side of the sponge. Baking soda is fairly harmless try to remove any oil on the dock with this method first.
  4. For any oily spots which remain, put a drop of dish soap on the rough side of the sponge. Use the smallest amount of dish soap possible as you will be adding the soap to the surrounding water which is something you really don't want to do. The dish soap should cut through the grease.
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