How To Clean Aluminum Boat

Need to know how to clean an aluminum boat? Maintaining an aluminum boat is not a quick process, but possessing a dirty vessel is not the way to go. A few tips and instructions are all that is needed when learning to clean your aluminum boat.

To clean an aluminum boat, you will need:

  • A degreasing product for boats
  • Sponges with a scrubber side
  • A bucket
  • Water
  • A cleaning brush
  • A water hose with a sprayer
  • Boat cleanser
  • Wax
  • A polishing cloth
  1. Start with a degreaser to remove most of the oils and grease. This first step in cleaning your aluminum boat requires mild scrubbing to ensure all the gunk is removed. If smears are not removed, they will produce grimy smudges that remain on the sailing vessel.
  2. Use a boat cleaner to provide an all-over cleaning for your aluminum boat. Mix the ship cleaner and water in a bucket; following the instructions listed on the cleaning solvent. Apply the mixture to the boat from top to bottom using a brush or sponge as part of cleaning your aluminum boat. Remember to use gloves and eye protection when using strong solvents.
  3. After the solution has set for a few minutes, use a water hose or sprayer to remove the cleanser. Use a sprayer that has forceful water pressure to remove all of the cleanser and any debris that you may have missed. Never allow boat cleaner to entirely dry on the surface of your aluminum boat.
  4. Apply wax to your boat using a soft towel. Continue using a separate cloth to buff the boat well, making a good shine.
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