How To Clean And Condition Suede On Saddles

 Wondering how to clean and condition suede on saddles? One of the things to remember when cleaning a saddle is to be careful. Saddles are made of numerous working parts. Saddles have multiple pieces made of multiple materials and it is important to make sure you do not get whatever soap you use on one part on another. For instance, you can’t use any kind of liquid on the suede parts of saddle even if you need it for other parts.

To clean and condition suede on a saddle you will need:

  • Suede brush or brass bristled brush
  • Saddle stand
  1. Tools Get all of your tools together and make sure you have the workspace you need. Make sure, if you are cleaning the entire saddle, that you don’t use anything liquid on any suede. That will ruin the suede completely. Double check your brushes. If you don’t have a saddle stand, make sure you put a towel down to prevent staining and damage.
  2. Pieces Make sure you take apart what you can on the saddle before you start cleaning it. This helps make sure you don’t get anything anywhere it is not supposed to be and cause permanent damage. You don’t want to accidently scratch the leather either. (Note: Taking the saddle apart isn’t absolutely necessary. If you are confident enough in your hand, you don’t need to bother with taking the saddle apart.)
  3. Strokes. Make sure your strokes are short and careful and brush up the nap. Don’t press too hard or use too many strokes. If you do this too often you can ruin the suede. (Note: Too much brushing can worsen the condition of the suede on your saddle. Don’t brush the suede everyday, only when necessary.)
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