How To Clean And Lubricate Clocks

Knowing how to clean and lubricate clocks will allow you to restore any old clock.  Cleaning and lubricating a clock are routine maintenance for most old clock styles, and require a gentle touch.  This process will allow you to fix any old clock that has slowed down or stopped working due to dirt or dust buildup on the hands and motors.

To clean and lubricate clocks, you will need:

  • Benzine
  • Clean white rag
  • Sable brush
  • Clock Oil
  • Small Hand Fan
  • Old Tooth Brush
  • Q-Tip

How to clean and lubricate clocks:

  1. Open up the clock to display all its mechanisms. Blow a fan onto the in order to remove all lose dirt without having to touch the pieces, which can be damaging to small flimsy pieces.
  2. Next, dip the sable brush in the benzene.  Use the brush to gently clean the spindle holes and spindles.  Gently move the brush in a side to side manner over these pieces.  Continue to clean the teeth in the escapement wheel, which cause the movement in the clock.
  3. Wipe the brush on the rag, and repeat process.  Continue to gently scrub these components until you are not able to see any more dirt on the pieces. Once all dirt is removed, allow the clock to dry out completely.
  4. Use a toothpick to oil the spindle holes.  Gently apply a dab or two to each of the spindle holes; be sure not to over oil as doing so can cause a malfunction in the clock.
  5. Use an old tooth brush or another small brush to oil the escapement wheel.  You will want to only apply oil to the teeth on the escapement wheel, and not the entire component.



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