How To Clean And Oil An Automatic Watch

Learning how to clean and oil an automatic watch are essential steps to its upkeep. When you have a watch, you should always care for it properly to keep it looking great. A watch winder must be oiled to keep it working properly. Cleaning the watch keeps it from tarnishing. Even if you didn't spend a fortune on your automatic watch, it will look like a million bucks when you follow these simple steps to clean and oil the watch.

In order to clean and oil an automatic watch, you will need:

  • Automatic watch
  • Mineral oil
  • Soft brush
  • Jewelry cleanser
  • Paper towel


  1.  An automatic watch winder contains a small amount of lubrication. The lubricant is necessary to avoid friction. Over time, the watch loses its oil. Using your fingertip, apply a small dab of mineral oil to the watch winder. Wind the watch to ensure the oil gets around the entire winder.
  2. Keep the automatic watch clean by keeping it dry. Don't wear automatic watches in the shower or under water. Even if the watch is water resistant, it is not meant to be exposed to large amounts of water often.
  3. Full service watch cleanings involve disassembling the watch. To properly clean the watch, it must be taken apart. Do not pull the main spring from the main wheel.
  4. Immerse the parts into cleaning solution. Use a small, soft brush to gently remove dirt from the pieces. Place on paper towel to dry.
  5. Lubricate the parts before assembling. Use a tiny amount of lubricant on the parts. Less is more. Put the pieces back together.
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