How To Clean Antique Copper

Antique copper is a wonderful addition to any home, but knowing how to clean antique copper can be a problem for some people. Cleaning antique copper is not as hard as many people would think. With the proper cleaning solution, a little time and a lot of care, you can maintain and clean your antique copper so it is always looking its best.

To clean antique copper, you will need:

  • Copper cream cleaner or a handmade cleaning solution of equal parts vinegar, salt and lemon or lime juice
  • Three soft cloths
  • A clean and dry working surface
  • A sink with warm running water
  1. Place one of the three towels on your clean and dry working surface. This is to give you a soft area should you accidentally drop your copper or need to place it down for a moment.
  2. Take your second cloth and apply the cleaning solution to a portion of the cloth. Work in small sections of the antique copper by moving the solution-covered cloth in small circles.
  3. Do not move to another section to continue cleaning your antique copper. After finishing one small area of the copper, gently and completely rinse off the area. If tarnish is still apparent, repeat the steps above as necessary.
  4. After you have cleaned the entire piece, rinse it in the sink under warm running water. Place the copper piece on the clean and dry working surface you prepared earlier. Dry the piece completely, leaving no water marks or droplets.

These steps are for items that are copper and not for copper plating. For copper plating you will need to follow the specific care instructions from the manufacturer. Should tarnish be heavier in some areas, you can also use a soft bristle toothbrush in place of the cloth for cleaning antique copper.


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