How To Clean Asics Running Socks

Learn how to clean ASICS running socks gently to help them last longer. ASICS socks are popular running socks. They are made to anatomically fit your left and right foot. They have mesh ventilation to allow your feet to breathe and extra cushioning for comfort. Made of soft yarn, this lightweight sock needs to be handled with care when being washed. To clean ASICS running socks, you want to be careful not to ruin the special way it fits or its extra cushion. 

Needed Items:

  • Liquid detergent
  • Vinegar  
  1. Set the washing machine to a gentle cycle. Add half of the recommended amount of detergent to the water. The special design of running socks makes this athletic apparel more expensive than other socks. Use the gentle cycle to keep the socks from getting chewed up. Too much liquid detergent can damage the fibers of the socks and shorten their lifespan. Do not worry about odors; they will be taken care of in the rinse cycle.
  2. Add vinegar to the rinse cycle. Vinegar will remove the odors in your ASICS running socks; it will also act as a clothes softener. Regular liquid clothes softeners can interfere with the socks design to allow them to breathe. Vinegar is a more natural alternative which does not cause this problem.
  3. Hang your clean ASICS running socks to dry. Running socks are often made of moisture-wicking fabric. This helps them dry faster than other clothes you may hang. If this is not feasible, place the socks in the dryer on low heat. Do not use dryer sheets, which can also interfere with the socks ability to breathe. 


  • Be careful how you fold your ASICS running socks. Do not tie them together or stuff them inside one another; that can alter their shape. Simply place the socks together and fold them neatly.
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