How To Clean The Back Of Your iPod Touch

It is easy for you to care for the front of your iPod Touch by having a screen protector, but do you know how to clean the back of your iPod Touch?" You've noticed that the back of your iPod Touch looks quite dirty and you are not really sure of the best way to go about cleaning it. Cleaning it is not a difficult procedure. You just have to take your time cleaning it and be extremely carefully not to damage it. As long as you use the proper cleaning supplies and follow the proper steps, your iPod Touch can look as good as new.

To clean the back of your iPod Touch you need:

  • iPod Touch
  • soft, lint free cloth
  • cool water
  • clean surface
  1. Disconnect headphones and additional cables from your iPod Touch. Do not have any cords attached to it. You do not want the cables to get damaged during the cleaning process.
  2. Turn you iPod off. Just like any other piece of electrical equipment, when it is being cleaned it needs to be shut off to keep you from being shocked and to keep it from being damaged.
  3. Dampen the corner of the cloth with a little water. You don't want the cloth saturated, just a little wet.
  4. Turn your iPod over on its back side. The screen should be face down, either in your palm of your hand or lay it down on a flat clean surface.
  5. Clean the back of the iPod Touch. Gently wipe the back of the iPod with the damp end of the cloth until you removed the dirt completely. You may have to go over some spots a couple of times, but just be careful. Take your time until the back of the iPod Touch is completely cleaned. 
  6. Dry your iPod Touch by using the dry end of the cloth to wipe the back of your iPod until there is no longer any moister left on back cover.
  7. Once your phone is completely dry, turn it back on and continue the use of your iPod Touch as you normally would.
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