How to Clean a Baseball Glove

Learning how to clean a baseball glove is important for anyone who owns their own glove.  Cleaning and preserving the leather will allow for it to last much longer as well as perform accordingly with leather that is conditioned.  A glove conditioner is recommended to clean a baseball glove.

  1. Begin by cleaning the glove with water.  Using soap is recommended by some.  Rub the soap and water in the baseball glove as many times as needed with a rag; it may need several applications. 
  2. Allow the baseball glove to dry.  Use a dry towel or a high quality paper towel to assist in the drying process.  The glove must be dry in order to continue.  Some say that you should leave the glove at room temperature for one week to ensure that it has properly dried.
  3. Apply conditioner to the baseball glove.  A glove conditioner, glove oil, or petroleum jelly can be used.  Work the substance into every area, including the laces and inside of the baseball glove.
  4. Remove excess substance from the baseball glove.  Make sure all of the substance is removed in the case that too much was used.  A paper towel or towel is appropriate for removing excess substances.
  5. Allow the baseball glove to dry.  Depending on the substance, you will need to wait accordingly for the baseball glove to dry.  For instance, with some glove conditioners, it may be ready to use in a day or two.  It must be dried completely for use.
  6. Clean accordingly.  With intensive play the baseball glove may need to be cleaned weekly.  At the very least, make sure you clean (and condition, preferably) your baseball glove before you place it away for the offseason.
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