How To Clean Baseboards

Need to know how to clean baseboards in your house quickly and easily? Baseboards accumulate a lot of dirt and dust and, let's face it, are often overlooked during a normal cleaning routine. Cleaning the baseboards in your home does not have to be a tedious, time-consuming ordeal. Follow these simple steps and get the job done fast so you can move on to other more exciting things.

To clean baseboards, you will only need a few supplies:

  • A vacuum cleaner with a hose and brush attachment
  • Two rags
  • A gentle, all-purpose cleaner
  1. Vacuum all of the baseboards in the room. Make sure to remove all of the loose dust and pet hair. Use a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner and not just the plastic hose. This can scratch the paint or finish on the baseboards.  
  2. Next, wipe all of the baseboards with one of the rags dampened with warm water. Ring out the excess water first. Don't worry about any stubborn stains. At this point, just work your way around the room cleaning the baseboards gently with the damp rag.
  3. Finally, make one more pass around the room with the second rag. Wet the rag with warm water and a gentle, all-purpose cleaner that is safe for the type of finish on the baseboards. Go around the room one more time cleaning any stubborn areas that did not come clean the first time.

That's it you're all done. Make the job even easier next time by cleaning the baseboards with the vacuum cleaner and brush attachment once a week during your  normal vacuuming routine. One word of warning though, test the cleaner you are using in a hidden area first to make sure that it will not damage the finish on the baseboards.


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