How to Clean Basketball Backboards

Knowing how to clean basketball backboards is very important to the game. Unsightly marks on the backboard can be very distracting to shooters and can throw them off. Unless you are planning on using the distraction strategy against a team, you should learn how to clean basketball backboards. You will need to gather the following items before you start learning how to clean basketball backboards.

  • Glass Cleaner Spray
  • 2 Clean Rags
  • Ladder

Once you have gathered these items it is time to learn how to clean basketball backboards.

  1. Position the ladder to the left of the rim. The first step in learning how to clean basketball backboards is positioning the ladder. You want to position it to the side of the rim so you can focus on half of the backboard at a time. The backboard is too large for you to try and clean all of it at once, and trying to do so could result in a nasty fall from the ladder.
  2. Lightly spray half of the backboard. The next step in learning how to clean basketball backboards is lightly spraying down half of the backboard with your glass cleaning spray. You want a nice layer of the glass cleaner to be built up on half the backboard, but you don't want to cause a waterfall dripping down it.
  3. Wipe down the backboard with a clean rag. Once the glass cleaner has been applied, use a clean rag to wipe the backboard down. If you see any scuff marks be sure to use enough elbow grease to clean them off. Also, make sure to remain steady as you wipe down the backboard to avoid any falls.
  4. Dry the backboard with the other clean rag. Use the other clean rag to dry the backboard once all the scuffs have been removed. Dab the cloth on the backboard to prevent any streaks from occurring, as those can be just as distracting as a dirty backboard.
  5. Move the ladder to the right side of the rim. Once one side is cleaned, climb down the ladder and position it on the other side of the rim.
  6. Repeat steps two through four. Now you just have to clean the other half the same way you cleaned the first half. It's as simple as that, and now you know how to clean basketball backboards.
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