How to Clean Basketball Courts

Need to know how to clean basketball courts? Learning the basics of cleaning basketball courts can be useful for several reasons. Proper cleaning of a basketball court aids in maintaining the integrity of the floor. Proper cleaning of the basketball court leaves a sheen on the floor that makes it more attractive. Also, cleaning the court keeps grit and grime off and helps provide the famous squeak of basketball shoes against the hardwood. Cleaning a basketball court is all about a little attention to detail and some good old-fashioned hard work.

To clean a basketball court, you will need:

  • A 48-inch dust mop
  • 2 bath towels
  • A bucket
  • Water or dust mop treatment
  1. Start out with a dry dust mop. Make one complete pass over the basketball court. Work the mop from right to left or left to right. Continue this motion until you have made one complete pass. As you are making your way over the floor, take note of any dirt spots not removed by the dust mop.
  2. Go back over the basketball court. Spot clean with water and a towel any spots not previously cleaned with the dust mop.
  3. Use either water or dust mop treatment and dampen the towels. Ensure the towels are not soaked by wringing them out over the bucket.
  4. Wrap the damp towels around the dust mop. Follow the same pattern you did when dry dust mopping. Be sure to move at a steady pace, not so slow as to cause the towels to stick but not so fast that you force the dust mop over the towels.
  5. Once you have made a complete pass, look over the floor. There should be a nice sheen. Double check for any missed or dirty spots and treat accordingly.

Do not use any chemicals or abrasives when cleaning a basketball court. Be sure to wear rubber sole shoes when cleaning.

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