How to Clean Basketball Nets

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to clean basketball nets. This easy process is the best ways to remove dirt, dust, sweat, and grime from basketball nets, and can bring them back to a dazzling shade of white. Following these tips can turn an old, grimy basketball net into one that looks brand new—your friends won't believe that you clean it yourself!

  1. Start by making the solution in which the basketball net with soak. Combine two to three tablespoons of sea slat with a large pot of boiling water. Carefully stir the fluid until the salt has dissolved and the mixture is thoroughly combined, and then lower the temperature of the mixture. Let the solution sit until it has reached room temperature.
  2. Remove the basketball net from the rim. While basketball nets will vary in the way they are attached depending on the model of the hoop, most standard hoops will contain hooks on which the net will be looped. Use care when removing the net from the hoop—consult a manufacturer's guidebook if necessary.
  3. Carefully lower the net into the solution of saltwater. Check the water to make sure it has reached room temperature before placing the net in it. Let the net soak for approximately three hours, stirring the solution every thirty minutes. This process helps to clean the fibers of the net more thoroughly. Take the net out of the mixture, and allow to dry overnight before placing back onto the basketball hoop.

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