How To Clean Beach Sand

If you are planning to travel to the beach this spring and summer, you'll need to learn how to clean beach sand. As fun as it is to run into the ocean, collect seashells, build sand castles and lay in the sun on the beach, beach sand inevitably comes with you when it's time to go. It can get in your shoes, clothes, hair and almost anything else that comes near it. Here's how to clean the beach sand away and continue to enjoy your seaside adventures.

To clean beach sand, you will need:

  • baby powder
  • dustbuster
  • shower
  1. Start with shaking sand off wherever you can. Empty that bag and shake sand off all books and items you've brought with you to the beach. If you brought sand toys for kids, such as a bucket and shovel, shake them free of sand, then wash them out in the ocean. Shake them dry, and avoid any other beach sand contact. You may also want to do the same to any seashells that have been collected.
  2. Get beach sand off of your feet once you reach the concrete or non-sandy dry land by placing baby powder on them. You want to make sure to rub the baby powder between your toes, too, as sand can collect there. The baby powder is great for swishing the sand away while also absorbing any remaining ocean moisture. Your feet will then feel great. It should be placed in your beach bag alongside the sunscreen.
  3. Break out the Dustbuster or other miniature vacuum if sand does get in your car. No matter how meticulous you are, it seems that beach sand still has a way of following you home from a day at the beach. If that happens, a quick once-over with a miniature vacuum can make your car look like new again, whether the beach sand gets on the carpets or upholstery.
  4. If you have beach sand in your hair that seems as if it will never go away, don't panic. Simply rinse your hair in the shower for two to three minutes before shampooing it thoroughly. The beach sand will soon be long gone.
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