How To Clean Beard Clippers

Learn about how to clean beard clippers to keep this handy device in good shape so it lasts longer. Beard clippers provide a nice trim to your beard. They are more consistent than using scissors and offer a more professional end look. When you use beard clippers, make sure your face and beard and clean. This will eliminate a lot of excess skin oils or dirt from getting into the beard clippers and that will make it easier to clean beard clippers.

To clean beard clippers, you will need:

  • Small brush like a toothbrush
  • Cotton swabs
  • Towel
  1. Read the beard clipper paperwork. Nearly every small appliance, like beard clippers, comes with directions on caring for it. Read the directions for cleaning your specific beard clippers. If the clippers come with a special brush to clean them, get that out and look at it while reading the directions and follow along with the directions.
  2. Clean the beard clippers. After you trim your bread, follow the directions on how to clean it. Use the small brush if one comes with the beard clippers to remove any hair from the clippers. Running the clippers for a few seconds after you are finished will loosen extra hair. Use a cotton swab to get in small crevices to remove hair and clean the beard clippers. Wipe the clippers with a soft cloth to remove extra hair left in the beard clippers.
  3. Dry the beard clippers. Be sure to use a towel to dry the beard clippers after you've cleaned it. If beard clippers are put away wet, the blades may rust or render the clipper blades inoperable next time you want to trim your beard.
  4. Store the beard clippers correctly. To keep the beard clippers clean between uses, store the clippers in a drawer or on a shelf that is safe from being dropped onto the floor. Cover the beard clippers so dust doesn't get into the blades.
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