How To Clean Beer Tap Lines

Every self respecting beer lover should understand the importance of knowing how to clean a beer tap.  Dirt, yeast, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms will grow inside the tap if it is not cleaned. This then affects the way beer pours; as well as having an adverse affect on the taste and odor of the beer.  To prevent this, you should clean a beer tap thoroughly both before and after every use. 

To clean a beer tap you will need:

  • Beer tap cleaning kit
  • Detergent
  • Bucket
  • Scrub Brush
  1. Included with beer tap cleaning kits is a packet of detergent.  Using the bucket, mix the detergent with warm water.  The amount of water needed will vary depending on the type of detergent being used.  Be sure to follow the instructions located on the packet. 
  2. Fill the Jar and Pump assembly, which was included with the kit, with the warm detergent solution.  Make sure to leave the remaining detergent mixture in the bucket.  This will be used to clean the beer tap hose and faucet. 
  3. Remove the faucet and coupler from the tap.  Place the coupler, faucet, and keg hose into the bucket.  A specially designed beer faucet wrench may have been included with the beer tap cleaning kit.  Use a scrub brush to clean the exterior of the coupler and faucet. 
  4. Connect the pump assembly to the remaining portion of the faucet assembly.  Place the beer tap’s hose inside the bucket and pump the detergent through the faucet.  You will want to allow the detergent to thoroughly soak into the hose before rinsing.
  5. After pumping the detergent solution through the beer tap and faucet assembly, refill the jar with clean fresh water.  Pump the water through the tap.  Be sure to repeat this rinsing processing multiple times to ensure that the beer tap is completely clean and detergent free. 
  6. Detach the jar and pump from the beer tap and faucet.  Rinse the coupler and faucet before reattaching to the faucet assembly.  Make sure the entire assembly is completely dry before you reassemble.  Your beer tap is now clean and ready for use. 
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