How To Clean Blu-ray Lens For PS3

Need to know how to clean Blu-ray lens for PS3? If your PS3 stopped working due to dust buildup or cigarette smoke, the problem can be solved by simply cleaning your Blu-ray lens. Your PS3 is most likely not broken if your games don't load. An easy solution is taking apart your PS3 and cleaning the lens; if this doesn't work you can order a pair of Blu-ray lens instead of buying a whole new system. 

The items you will need to clean your Blu-ray lens:

  • Phillip screw driver
  • 2.4 millimeter precession screwdriver
  • All-in-one lens fluid
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cup (so you won't lose any screws)
  1. Use a screw driver to open the security lock located at the left side of your PS3. Remove the PS3 logo panel by sliding it to the left. 
  2. Remove the seven screws at the top of the PS3. Some screws will be longer than others, put those screw in a cup so you won’t lose them. 
  3. Carefully lift the top of the PS3 console towards you with your hands. When you do, you should be able to see the inside of the console and where the blu-ray lens is located. It's located at the right side. 
  4. The PS3 drive will not be securely in place with screws, but with wires attached to the drive that can easily be removed by pulling the wires. 
  5. After removing the wires located at the lift side of the drive, flip the drive so that you can see under it. There will be an electric tape that can easily be removed by lifting the flap up.
  6. Now you should have the blu-ray/DVD box alone. There will be five tiny screws located at the bottom of the drive that you need to remove. Remove the shell casing with your hands. 
  7. Take out the white wheel mechanism with your hands; it's located almost at the center of your PS3 blu-ray drive. There are five other tiny screws that need to be removed at the sides of the drive. Carefully lift the panel without breaking the cable. The cable is located at one of the sides of the PS3 drive. 
  8. You should now be able to see the blu-ray lens at the center. Use all-in-one lens fluid to clean your blu-ray lens for your PS3. Apply the fluid on a cotton swab and gently clean the blu-ray lens in a circular motion. Take a dry swab and clean any leftover residue. 
  9. You are now done, reassemble the parts back together and turn on your PS3. If it doesn't work you will need to buy a new blu-ray lens for your PS3.   
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