How To Clean Boat Pontoons

Any boat owner who cares about his ship must know how to clean boat pontoons. You can pay someone to do it, or you can save your money and clean your pontoons yourself. You do not want to be that guy that has a boat but does not know how to use it. Follow these simple steps to learn how to clean boat pontoons.

To clean boat pontoons, you will need:

  • Hull cleaner
  • A pressure washer (optional)
  • A brush
  • Boat cleanser
  • A sponge
  • Polish (wax) and restoration product
  • A bucket
  • A water hose
  1. Removing excess grime is the first step in cleaning your boat pontoons. There are two ways to approach this task. First, you can use a pressure washer to blast the debris off the boat. This option is the less labor-intensive and quicker option. You can also brush on a hull cleaner and allow it to set for five minutes to clean the boat pontoons. Remove the cleaner with a hose or sponge.
  2. Apply a boat cleanser to the vessel. Use a sponge or cloth to provide coverage over the area to ensure progress as you clean your boat pontoons.
  3. Now wait and drench. Leave the cleaning agent on for five minutes, then rinse it off using a water hose or cloth. Stay with it; you are almost done cleaning your boat's pontoons.
  4. Make time to wax and buff. The last step in cleaning your boat pontoons is to use a good wax to polish your boat. Take your time and allow the product to permeate into the surface.



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