How To Clean Boots

When you have boots, it's important to know how to clean boots.  Whether you wear them to a barn or to a fancy dinner, all boots will get dirty and need to be cleaned eventually.  Do not store them in damp or cold places, or you risk destroying them with mildew.  When cleaning boots, make sure to take the necessary precautions not to ruin them, especially delicate materials such as suede.

  1. Clean off  dirt and debris.  The first step to clean boots is to clean off the major stuff.  This is best done with a soft brush or a damp cloth.  Gently clean off all foreign material from your boots.  Make sure your boot material can handle some water if you use a damp cloth.  Some boots, such as suede, cannot handle water and should thus be brushed clean.
  2. Apply Conditioner.  Basically all leather boots will need a conditioner in order to fully clean boots.  Buy the appropriate type of conditioner, for example, if your boots are kangaroo or shark leather you will want to get an exotic leather cleaner, however smooth leather boots can take any basic leather conditioner.  Again, some boot materials do not need to be conditioned, such as patent leather or suede.
  3. Apply Protectant.  To clean boots well, remember that certain ones would benefit from a protectant.  This should be a non-silicone water and stain protector.  Follow directions on the bottle to apply the protector.  This will only be used when cleaning leather boots.
  4. Allow to dry.  Let any water or product dry naturally, in room temperature.  Do not use heat to dry them faster or set them in the sun.  This can ruin the boots.  When you clean boots, allow them to completely dry before storing anywhere. Then you can enjoy wearing your clean boots!
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