How To Clean Clams

if you need to learn how to clean clams, have no fear it’s very simple, and often ends on a delicious note. In most cases, when you buy clams you get them already clean, but you can never have clean enough shell fish to not do a little work at home after buying them. But if you're buying clams off a boat, keep in mind that they may not be clean.

To clean clams you will need:

  • Large bowl filled with enough water to cover clams
  • Scrub brush
  • corn meal
  1. You will want to make sure that your clams are fresh before you purchase them. To make sure you can always ask the carrier of these clams when they got them in. But if you see any open shells, this means your clams aren’t fresh.
  2. Put your clams in a large bowl with some fresh water. Because your clams are going to still be alive, submerging them in cold water will help clean the salty ocean water out. Sit the clams in this water for ten to twenty minutes to start the cleansing.
  3. Corn meal.  Put some corn meal right into the fresh water. This isn’t necessary, but can be used  to further cleans the clams and remove that saltwater taste.
  4. Scrub. To finish cleaning your clams, you will want a scrub brush; any scrub brush should work just fine. When you're ready you can take your clams out one at a time, and just scrub the outside of your clams. This will take all the imperfections off the shell, and clean her clams a bit better than just letting them soak.
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