How To Clean Coleman Camp Stoves

Need to know how to clean Coleman camp stoves? By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can clean your Coleman camp stove quickly and easily. Having camp stoves that have been properly cleaned will not only ensure that your food is cooked properly and is free from germs or bacteria, but it also provides food that tastes great! For the best results, clean your Coleman camp stove between each use.

  1. Use a spoon to scrape out all remaining bits of food from your Coleman stove. Discard the remains in a safe garbage container that is approved for use in the location in which you are camping. Do not discard the food scraps in the campground—this can attract unwanted attention from bears, wolves or other dangerous types of wildlife.
  2. Fill a large sink with warm water. If you have access to dishwashing detergent, pour a small amount into the sink. Soak a clean dishrag into the water and allow it to be completely saturated.
  3. Use the washcloth to carefully wipe down the Coleman camp stove. If there is a spot that is especially difficult to clean, do not wipe off all of the water from the stove. Instead, keep the stain saturated with water, and allow it to soften before removing.
  4. Place the Coleman camp stove in an area that has direct sunlight, and allow it to remain there for at least twenty minutes. Examine the Coleman stove after this time has passed—if it appears to be completely dry, you can pack it away. If, however, the stove is still wet, leave it in the sun for a bit longer until all traces of moisture have disappeared.
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