How To Clean Compact Discs

Music and movie lovers everywhere who cherish the longevity of their CD and DVD collections know the secrets of how to clean compact discs. Of course the first rule of thumb is not to get them dirty in the first place, but for those of us who aren’t so tidy around the entertainment center there’s good news!

Don’t be so quick to toss those grungy old discs away or use them as coasters (which may very well be how they got grungy in the first place). We’ve got some great tips on how to clean compact discs using everyday household items. You’ve probably got most of them in your medicine cabinet and can be on your way to turning those dirty discs into squeaky-clean entertainment machines!

  1. Never Use Paper Products To Clean Compact Discs You may have tried cleaning your CDs before and found that they were indeed clean, but appeared more scratched up than before you cleaned it. Well there’s a way to avoid that and we’re gonna tell you how. To clean compact discs, never…ever…use a paper product! They contain harsh abrasives and produce hundreds of tiny scratches. Only use soft cloths, felt, or cotton.
  2. Household Lemon Pledge or Furniture Polish Ordinary lemon furniture polish and a cotton ball is all you need to bring Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, or even Elvis back from the dead. Figuratively speaking that is. Spray a light layer over the back of your disc then rub with cotton or soft shammy in a circular motion until the polish disappears. Works wonders.
  3. Distilled Water and Alcohol Funny how alcohol sometimes leads to your CDs getting dirty yet to clean a compact disc it is equally as handy. One more reason why alcohol is our friend! If you mix 20 percent isopropyl alcohol and 80 percent distilled water in small spray bottle, mist your discs and wipe with cotton, not only will your box set of every season of "Nip Tuck" look brand spankin’ new, your hands will be as sterile as a surgeon’s.
  4. Eyeglass Cleaning Solution Or Eye Glass Wipes OK fellow four-eyed friends it couldn’t get any easier for us to clean a compact disc every time we watch or listen to one! Using eyeglass cleaner and cotton balls, or even the pre packaged eyeglass wet wipes are the easiest and best way to clean compacts discs of them all. If it’s safe enough for your specs it’s safe enough for that copy of “Ray” that ya’ love so much!
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