How To Clean Copper Tea Kettle

A copper tea kettle can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen but how to clean a copper tea kettle can be a little confusing. Cleaning copper, especially tea kettles and other kitchen accessories, is much different than cleaning other kitchen items. There are several options for cleaning a copper tea kettle which all include citrus bases. For the purpose of making things simple, this article deals with the basic salt, citrus, and vinegar mixture. However, regardless of the cleaning substance used the basic principles and steps are the same for cleaning the copper tea kettle you hold dear.


  1. Mix equal parts of lemon or lime juice, vinegar, and salt in a mixing bowl until blended well. There are variations to this recipe that can be found at the Chantel Kitchen Official located at

  2. Using a soft cloth that has been soaked in the vinegar, salt, and citrus mixture, begin to rub small amounts of the mixture onto the copper pot in sections.

  3. After each application of the mixture, stop and rinse the copper tea kettle in order to continue the cleaning process.

  4. Continue cleaning the copper tea kettle by rubbing the damp cloth in circular motions over the surface of the kettle.

  5. When finished, rinse the copper tea kettle well with warm water.

  6. Dry off the copper tea kettle with a soft cloth or paper towel. Make sure to remove as much water as possible from the copper.

Keep in mind that this method for cleaning a copper tea kettle is to remove basic age and tarnish spots. If the copper tea kettle has tarnish that is harder to remove, then you will need to switch to an abrasive made for copper. These abrasives and cleaners can be found at many local grocery and kitchen stores. Each brand has a different cleaning method so be sure to read the brand instructions for cleaning a copper tea kettle.

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