How To Clean Corian Sinks

So you need to know how to clean Corian sinks? Corian is a manmade material manufactured by Dupont.  Make sure to maintain and clean your Corian sink correctly to preserve the life of your product. A Corian sink can be cleaned and maintained just as you would a Corian surface. Follow the steps below when cleaning your Corian sink.

  1. Cleaning with soapy water.  Use soapy water or an ammonia based cleaner but not window cleaner. It is also ok to use commercially available solid surface cleaners such as 409 or Soft Scrub. 
  2. Disinfecting.  For disinfecting your sink, use a diluted household bleach with one part water and one part bleach.
  3. Fill your sink one quarter full with the solution and let stand for fifteen minutes. 
  4. After fifteen minutes wash the bottom and sides of the sink and rinse thoroughly.
  5. For scrubbing, use a Scotch-Brite pad to remove any built up residue and to blend the finish of the sink.

Tip: To prevent damage to your Corian sink do not put scalding pans directly in the sink. Wait for a few minutes until they cool before putting them into the sink. A protective sink mat will protect your sink if you must put a hot pan directly into the sink. Light abrasion marks might show in Corian but can normally be repaired yourself.  Dark colors will show scratches and nicks more than lighter colors. Strong chemicals that come in contact with Corian such as oven cleaners, brush cleaners or paint thinners must be flushed with soapy water immediately in order to prevent damage to the Corian sink. 


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