How To Clean A Crystal Watch

Want to learn how to clean a crystal watch? Watches are cool devices that everyone needs to own at least once in their lives. It would be great if you could leave a watch on forever with no worries. Unfortunately, that is not possible. You will have to clean your watches at a certain period in time. If you own a crystal watch, then learn how to clean one now by following the five easy steps below.

To clean a crystal watch you will need:

  • Peroxide
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Small container
  1. Fill small container. You would need to add half parts water and half parts peroxide into a small container. Be sure not to get anything liquid near the watch if  it is run by battery. You can also try mixing the solution thoroughly using a small, long and slender object.
  2. Begin by removing the watch bands. Remove the two watch bands and lay them in the small container. The peroxide and water will work together to lift dirt from the wrist band. Let them soak for at least fifteen minutes.
  3. Clean the glass. Dip the cloth in the peroxide and water solution. Ring the towel out enough to where there is no drip. Begin wiping the glass of the watch until clean. Do not apply to much pressure to the watch's glass.
  4. Let wrist bands dry. Take the wrist bands out of the solution and let them dry on a counter. Dispose of the solution in a safe place. Clean up any water stains that may be present.
  5. Replace wrist bands. Once the wrist bands are dry, then put them back on the sides of the crystal watch. Take your time and do this correctly. Once they are back on you will have successfully cleaned a crystal watch.
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