How To Clean A Dining Room

Are people coming over and you need to know how to clean a dining room fast? There is not much the makes up a dining room and it is fairly simple to clean.  With doing these few simple steps your dining room will be clean in a matter of no time.

Here is some things you might need to clean a dining room:

  • mild dish washing liquid
  • soft cloth
  • water
  • vacuum
  1. Dust the furniture in dining room on a regular basis.  Typically a dining room consist of furniture such as table and chairs and a china cabinet.  These pieces do require attention, they do collect dust. 
  2. Polish the furniture after dusting.  Routine polishing of the furniture with a store bought polish or a solution of water to a few drops of mild dish washing liquid is necessary.  This will add shine to your clean dining room.  Simply wipe off the furniture with a soft cloth dipped in the solution.  Make sure to wring out the cloth so there is no excess water.  Always wipe dry.
  3. Vacuum the floors and upholstery.  Use the upholstery attachment of the vacuum if you have chairs that are upholstered and need to be clean.  If the dining room floor is carpeted, vacuum it for a clean looking dining room.  If it is not carpeted, mop it.
  4. Make sure the table linens are clean. A dirty table cloth is not attractive.  Place in the washing machine or read the label for proper cleaning instructions.
  5. Clean china in cabinet after each meal or when need be.  If the china is never used it will still get dusty in the cabinet.  Make sure to check it periodically for dust and clean it as necessary.  Following these steps will provide you with the skills on how to clean a dining room and maintaining its cleanliness.
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