How To Clean DVDs

Lets learn how to clean DVDs. Nothing worse than watching Bruce Willis cap some bad guy and having the screen freeze and begin to pixelate. Right when "Hans Gruber" is about to fall of the the thirty second  floor of Nakatomi Plaza, the DVD player decides it doesn't want to play anymore. Your DVD is dirty buddy. Don't fret there's a few ways to clean your DVDs. From rubbing alcohol to Q-tips, people have come up with a variety of ways get those DVDs to play in their entirety. No more watching "Ripley" freeze up right before she kills the Queen Alien. It's time to clean those DVDs.

  1. There's varying degrees of dirty. If you want to effectively clean your DVD you need to assess the damage. Some DVD players are very sensitive and they'll skip with something as slight as a finger print on the DVD. So, just because your DVD is skipping doesn't mean it's not repairable. Hold up the readable surface under the light so you can see exactly what type of damage you're working with.
  2. Fingerprints. If the only damage is finger prints, cleaning your DVD will be simple. You can use one of those microfiber clothes. You know, like the ones you use to clean your glasses off with. When you're cleaning the DVD, take the cloth and wipe in a straight line while rotating the DVD to remove the prints. You don't want to rub too hard. You can cause more damage than good if you do.
  3. Rubbing alcohol. A weak rubbing alcohol can be used to clean your DVDs if the substance on the disc is a little more substantial then just a finger print. Lets say, I don't know how this would happen but, you have a small smudge of lets say ketchup. It's slightly thicker than a fingerprint right? Well Rubbing alcohol should eat right through the film. Take a Q-tip and dab it into the alcohol. Rub the dampened tip over the stain similar to how you would use the microfiber cloth. It should clear that stain right up. Here's a little secret. You know that "magic" concoction that Blockbuster, Hollywood Video or Family Video uses to clean your DVDs? Its very similar to rubbing alcohol.
  4. Scratches. These babies are harder to get rid off. Rubbing alcohol works ok when trying to clean DVDs with scratches but it can iffy. If the DVD player is sensitive, rubbing alcohol is a crap shoot. Cheaper DVD players react more favorably to a rubbing alcohol treated DVD. There's an urban legend floating around that watered down baking soda or watered down toothpaste may help. Both of these are abrasives and could scratch the DVD up even worse. Only try them if you don't care about losing the disc. Don't try it on your favorite porn.
  5. Other stuff. Window cleaner and even human spit can be used for cleaning a DVD in a pinch. If worse comes to worse and you can't get the DVD to play, you can always go to one of those used DVD places to replace it. 
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