How To Clean An Empty Indoor Pool

You know, it is not very tough to learn how to clean an empty indoor pool, and it is much like cleaning an empty outdoor pool. If you use your pool often and love to swim, you can take care of your pool often so it’s not as much of a task when you do the big time cleaning. Pay attention to these tips and you will learn how to clean a pool.

To clean an empty indoor pool, you will need:

  • A pressure washer
  • Bleach
  • A scrub brush
  • Hydrochloric acid solution
  • A water hose
  1. To first start cleaning an empty indoor pool, you can use a pressure washer with water. This will get a lot of the small deposits off, and also help get the bigger ones started loosening up. If you would like to use a little bleach, about a three-to-one ratio, and scrub a couple areas down, feel free to. Then once again use your pressure washer, and make sure you go over everything you just scrubbed.
  2. You can now start using a little hydrochloric acid solution, but you shouldn’t have to use a lot. Be careful because all of these agents together can be dangerous and can hurt you if you are not prepared. This acid shouldn’t take very long to clean the rest of the indoor pool because it is very strong. If this doesn’t work then you may need to use something stronger, but hydrochloric acid should do the job.
  3. Now that you have finished the hard parts of cleaning your empty indoor pool, you will want to hose down your pool. Make sure you still have a scrub bush near, because you may see a few items that need a little scrubbing once all of the acids and bleaches are gone. Make sure you get all your corners and hard to reach places at this time. It would be very disappointing to fill your pool back up, jump in and find a slimy spot, so be aware!

You’ve finally finished cleaning your empty indoor pool, so what do you do now? You fill your pool back up with your water, and once your water is the temperature you need it to be to jump in, make sure you do just that. Have fun in your clean indoor pool!

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